Double Pict # 2 → Dievča na púšti, či čo :P

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Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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What are the dates for the Dessert Discovery so we can plan travel?  We went last year and it was an amazing exrcpienee.  Also, will the food and wine seminars be posted soon as well?

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to full-time mummy,It is rather necessary as baby is not in a head first (or down) presentation. Like Twinsmom said, baby is lying side way. Even if Twinsmom waits until labour (with episodes of contraction) a Caesarean section is still required as baby is in breech presentation. This C-section is scheduled for this reason, not because baby is late. 双喜妈妈,啊,真的发生了。嗯,宝宝聪明哦,知道这样比较舒服哦,所以,唉,伟大的妈妈,你就痛一点吧。我相信宝宝诞生以后会越加sayang你的……平静倒数,享受当下的宁静……想小女人所说,多吃些做月期间不能吃的食物(我没有守那3个月的条例,一个月已经让我抓狂了)。我们支持你。我们爱你,与你全家。-青苹果,蕃茄,与小宥

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Me dull. You smart. That's just what I needed.

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When the school superintendent refers to students as "a real threat" it's time to find a new superintendent.I supppose when a teacher loses it and shoots up a classroom then encouraging the faculty to arm themselves won't be seen as a "rational response."peace

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Herlige pasteller på "forurensningen" ... enig i at den ser litt "snillere" ut med sukkertøyfarger!Ønsker deg en fin helg ... og takk for at du holder oss i ånde med HIMMELSK!Klem fra Irene

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Eu comprei o Galaxy 2 e não acho que o Arc seja superior na camera e se for é minimo! Então acho que se alguem comprar um desses dois aparelhos e escolher o Arc pq acham que é muito superior está enganado, fora que o SG 2 filma em 1080p 30fps contra 720p do arc. Acho que camera não decide na hora da compra coisa alguma. Já tirei foto de dia de noite e no escuro total e a foto não saiu com uma granulação. Se quiser eu posto e mando o lik pra vcs verem.

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Rodger à la trappe, ça va faire jaser, comme d’hab.Melzer a bien joué le coup, et l’effet Rodger (merde je bats Fed) n’a pas fonctionné. Retard à l’allumage de Fed, et sa marge n’est plus assez grande sur les seconds choix du circuit pour gagner un match juste parce qu’il le veut.Ljubicic reste évidemment favori pour le tournoi.

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Dude, right on there brother.

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